What is Diabetes?

An increase in glucose level in the blood denotes symptoms for a person to be having diabetes. They are of two types namely the type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Both the disorders have the same symptoms and should not be confused.

The lack of insulin triggers fluctuations in the sugar levels and is a typical symptom for type 1 diabetes. Most people confuse themselves by misinterpreting the symptoms. They should know the causes and what diabetes is in the first place to cure the disorder. The beta cells present in the pancreas gets destroyed and do not produce insulin for the energy required to carry out different functions. Type 2 diabetes patients suffer from being insulin resistant. It does not stop with that and there is also diabetes in pregnancy stages for a woman; it is known as gestational diabetes.

Diabetes has various symptoms such as the need for frequent urination due to excess amount of glucose accumulated in the blood. The glucose gets mixed with water in the kidney and keeps the bladder full, which leads to frequent urination. This question can be answered by the above symptom and can be diagnosed at an early stage. Besides this, the person starts to feel thirsty as water gets expelled at a rapid rate. Therefore intake of fluids to replace the lost water is necessary to avoid dehydration.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms shows a sign of sudden weight loss as the immune system is under attack. With less energy available, the stored up fat gets used to perform the various functions of the body. Weight loss is one symptom that is not to be found in type 2 diabetes patients. Medical science has made a lot of research and other studies to understand what is diabetes and the needed cure for treatment.

A lot of diabetic people feel tired and less active. They experience drowsiness and lethargy. This happens because of the lack of energy and needs to be taken care of immediately by administering an insulin injection. Lack of vision is a secondary symptom to diabetes and can cause severe damages even leading to blindness. So once the vision starts diminishing, consult a doctor for medications.

Apart from the following symptoms, people start to feel numb in the hands and feet. It usually starts with swelling and later leaves one with a feeling of numbness. The reason behind this is due to the increase in glucose levels and the inability to circulate blood to the all parts of the body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can bring the levels to a normal state and help in living a stress free life.