Regaining your body after pregnancy

I’ve heard since my childhood how having children ruins a ladies body, how the weight gain after pregnancy will just not shift, how it is just so unfair and been amazed by the extent to which some ladies will go to lose this extra weight. As a man I never really took into consideration that whole spectrum of changes made during pregnancy, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Since my career as a health and fitness professional started that has changed a huge amount, not least in my appreciation of the turmoil that having a baby can create.

Being a proud father and step-father, I have seen how pregnancies can be life changing for both the mother and partners concerned. But if I could explode one myth within my career it would be that ‘babies ruin bodies’ because they don’t. Though it is very true that we add maternal body fat to our frame and there are significant physiological changes that are undergone during pregnancy in preparation for the birth, it still remains that babies do not ruin our bodies. The amount of body fat we add is largely dependant on a combination of the following; stress, health, diet, activity and experience.


Many women feel greatly pressured to regain their figures, looks and posture quickly after giving birth. A lot of my clients have said that the most hurtful images are those of scantily clad models in commercials advertising shower gels, body lotion etc and that these feelings are also heightened greatly by the whole phenomena of celebrities reclaiming their pre-pregnancy figures and not only are they getting the bodies back in shape but they are apparently doing it really quickly.

But before you rush out and sign up for the forthcoming ‘celebrity mom workout video’ –you know it must be on its way. There are many things to consider here before leaping on the same wagon as the celebrities. Many of the celebrities can afford and do employ personal trainers and nutritionists like myself to tailor make exercise programs and push them as far as they need to make, quick noticeable progress. Celebrities also employ nannies; so no more nappy changes and night time feeds and most importantly they can afford to take the time out to make real changes to their lives and bodies. So all of these factors should be taken into account before trying to achieve the same weight loss goals in the same ‘supposed’ time frame.