Reducing high blood pressure the natural way!

For many hypertension suffers, it has been seen that altering their daily eating habits and including different fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals into the diet has a very beneficial and significant effect on the blood pressure. So wouldn’t it be great if we could actively lower our blood pressure naturally, reducing the need to take hypertensive drugs.

Now I’m not saying the following list will solve the problem of hypertension or that you will not need the advice of your doctor, but the following foods will definitely have a positive effect on your body and certainly help lower or prevent the early onset of hypertension. They are also natural products which are tasty and healthy, so it would be a shame not to include them within our diet anyway.

Firstly potassium rich foods.

Potassium is well known for its ability to control and prevent blood pressure, so it would be of great benefit to include potassium rich foods within our daily diet.

Apricots Prunes Bananas Orange juice Peaches
Pumpkin Spinach Sweet potatoes Green beans Potatoes
Lean pork Lean veal Flounder Trout Catfish
Milk Yoghurt

Secondly Magnesium rich foods

It has been shown that a large majority of high blood pressure sufferers have magnesium deficiency. And clinical trials have proven that a magnesium deficiency can definitely affect blood pressure adversely.

Beans Okra Spinach Broccoli Chard
Plantain Tofu Soy milk Nuts / Seeds Wholemeal bread
Oysters Scallops Mackerel Sea bass

Thirdly Calcium rich foods

Many studies have shown that those suffering from hypertension would benefit from the added calcium to their diets. Most sufferers tested show that they are low in calcium and consume far less calcium in their diets. Of course many sources of calcium is from dairy products which can have a high fat content. But it is very easy to select the skimmed or low-fat varieties and still maintain a health intake of this important mineral.

Broccoli Turnip greens Spinach
Perch Salmon Mackerel
Cheese Yogurt Milk

Of course one of the many benefits of adding such foods to your diet is that these foods are generally low in calories and will definitely help you lose weight when incorporated into a carefully structured diet. They also add variety which is always a bonus when buy food and planning meals.

Reduce your blood pressure the natural way – Eat right! Exercise right!