Get Fit With A Sit Up Bench

Sit up benches are one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment used today, you see them at gyms as well as many homes. Decline crunches work great on the lower abs, to do these, lie on the sit up bench with your legs under the support, put your hands on the right side of your head, curl your body up and squeeze your abs for about 5 seconds, repeat this 10-12 times.

One of the most used exercise for sit up benches would be the regular sit up, to do these, lie flat on your back, put your feet under the supports, place your hands behind your head, and curl your body up to the sit up position, repeat as much as you feel comfortable with. Next we have the pullover crunches, to do these, put hands over the head, grab a medicine ball, put legs under support, do a crunch and pull the ball over the body until it is on your chest, lower yourself back down, repeat this 15 times.

The use of dumbbells with sit up benches can help get the abs you dream of, to do this, get a pair of dumbbells that you feel is the right weight for you, lie on the bench with your legs under the support, put a dumbbell in each hand and push them straight up into the air until they are above you and about an inch apart from each other, let them down slowly until your arms are parallel to the floor and repeat 15 times. This can also be done by alternating arms, instead of bringing both arms up together, bring one up and let the other stand still and alternate. There are several types of benches available today with several types of exercises that can be done on them.

Using a bench is great for anyone who suffers from back problems and can not get on the floor to do exercises. Most people say that by using a bench at least every other day can give them the abs that they want, but some use them every day.