Full body MRI – Why do it?

There are a number of reasons why people should at least consider professional health screening tests. With advances in medicine and technology, we have never been closer to the prevention and cure of certain diseases. However, the reality is that one would seek medical help only if there are tangible symptoms of an illness. Unfortunately, there are a number of deadly diseases that can develop without symptoms and are often “picked up” at an advanced stage, when the chances of successful treatment are drastically reduced. Such diseases are commonly called “silent killers” and can cause death if not treated. “Silent killers” include various types of cancer (for instance, renal cell and pancreatic cancer), Hepatitis B and C infections, heart and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and kidney infections to name just a few.

Heart and cardiovascular disease is the number one “silent killer” and it causes over 50,000 premature deaths a year in the UK (Source: BHF). Smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, raised cholesterol or hypertension are some of the main risk factors that contribute to the development of heart disease. (Source: BHF). Approximately one in three adults in England and Scotland are hypertensive and almost half of them are not receiving treatment. Diabetes is yet another “silent killer” that can go unnoticed for most of ones life. The World Health Organisation states that almost 6% of the world’s adult population has diabetes. Many of those affected might not even be aware of it.

Full body MRI

The chances of curing or preventing the development of some of these deadly diseases increase significantly if they are discovered at an early state. Our health screening offer is not only directed towards people who are at risk of developing a certain condition; anyone who is over 40 years of age and is concerned about their health should seriously consider having a professional health check-up. Affordable yet advanced medical check-ups are designed to screen for a number of conditions. Let them help you!

The full body MRI offered in most packages helps to discover the following:

Stages of inflammation in organs
Post-traumatic changes
Early cancer signs
Size and function changes of key organs
Bone changes (that can lead to leukemia, osteoporosis etc)
Unknown birth defects