Are breakfast cereal bars as healthy as we think?

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements for breakfast cereals, breakfast bars, this brand and that. But are they healthy choices? Well I’ve taken the liberty of doing some shopping to find out how health these products are.


Sugar, Glucose syrup, sweetened condensed milk, invert sugar syrup, fructose (fruit sugar), glycerol, sorbitol (artificial sweetener), Lactose (milk sugar) – Would you believe all these sweeteners are in the same bar? They certainly want this bar to taste good, almost addictively good.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil – Cheap steam cleaned, bleached vegetable oil which has hydrogen forced into it at high temperature, rendering all nutritional value null and void. Its make up is more that of a plastic than an oil – totally unknown in nature and of no use to the body. Very harmful to health! Otherwise known as a Trans fat

Nutritional breakdown for a 25g bar.

Calories 103 Kcal
Protein 1.5 g 6%
Carbohydrates 18 g
 – of which sugars 11 g 44%
 – of which starch 7 g 28%
Fat 3 g 12%
 – of which saturates 2 g 8%
Fibre 0.4 g 1.6%


As you can see the nutrient content within this bar are pitiful. How can we hope to gain useful nutrition from this? These bars are aimed at children and I’m sure you’ll agree that one of these bars would not satisfy a child – maybe three or four? An alternative to a good breakfast? Depends on how good the breakfast is but on the whole NO.


Very little protein, which will not supply the essential amino acids required by children and adults alike. Huge amount of sugar – just look at the different types included. Are they trying to disguise types? Nearly half of the bar is sugar. Relatively high in fat at 12%. But contains Trans fat, which is very detrimental to health. Did you know that if Hydrogenated vegetable oil was discovered now opposed in the 1940’s the food oil industry would not be allowed to use it.